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We minister to the sick and the frail, those struggling with issues, and those just needing a little extra help, both inside our congregation and throughout our community. We are also active in world ministries.



Prayer is central to all of our activities. We share our concerns and joys as a congregation during Worship Service, offering prayers for those who want them. We also have Bible Study to strengthen our bonds to the Word and the intention that we bring ourselves to Christ in word, deed and thought.

Sunday school


We have Sunday school options for adults and children alike at 9 a.m. The children learn Bible stories and how to put their faith into action outside the church. Adults come together to explore the Word and how to apply it to their lives and the lives of others.



We let children be children in our church -- at Sunday School and also during Worship Service. This makes us a very family-friendly congregation, with many fun and varried opportunities for children to grow spiritually.



We love our music, from chancel choir to bell choir. Lend and blend your voice with ours in praise! 

Community service


From our operations at the Community Christian Center to our participation in BAMA city-wide initiatives, to our own outreach efforts, we are a community-based faith. Join us to put your faith into action to benefit others! 

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